BARBERA CAFFE  in tin can
  • BARBERA CAFFE  in tin can

BARBERA CAFFE in tin can


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Ground coffee, dark roasted 250g


BARBERA Caffè S.p.A. - the oldest coffee house in Italy and Europe, which has been producing coffee for over 150 years in the 6th generation and supplies products to more than 60 countries around the world. A medium-fine mixture of 5 of the best grains sourced directly from the highlands of Brazil, Indonesia and other Central American countries.

The classic and unique Neapolitan coffee is distinguished by its strength and rich deep taste, with a particularly balanced long-lasting aftertaste of dark chocolate, vanilla sweetness, dried fruit and an attractive aroma. To preserve the maximum freshness of the coffee, special sealing methods are used. Recommended for all types of coffee preparation, except for -Turkish, when the drink is brought to a boil

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