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Tasting collection DELI PACK

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Deli Packs


Ideal for tasting each blend: The DELI PACK sample box contains one of each 15 Deli Pack blends (black tea, green tea, fruit infusion and herbal infusion).

Pack composition:

English Breakfast (black tea),
Darjeeling Highlands (Bio black tea),
Malty Assam (black tea),
Earl Gray Classic (Bio flavored black tea),
China Zhu Cha (green tea),
Sencha Select (Bio green tea),
Fine Jasmine (green tea),
Grün Matinee (flavored green tea),
Wild Berries (flavored fruit tea),
Golden Apple (flavored fruit tea),
Essential Fruits (Bio fruit tea),
Delicate Herbs (Bio herbal tea),
Chamomile Meadow (herbal tea),
Pure Peppermint (herbal tea),
Rooibos Vanilla (flavored Bio rooibos tea)

Black teas: Use one tea bag per cup (0.2 L), pour over boiling water and let steep for 2-4 minutes (Darjeeling Highlands 2-3 minutes).
Green teas: pour one tea bag per cup (0.2 l) of boiled, slightly cooled water. Let it steep for 1-3 minutes (Sencha Select 1-2 minutes).
Fruit and herbal teas: Pour fresh, boiling water over all fruit and herbal teas and let them steep for at least 5 - 10 minutes.

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